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"Not only is Glenn an amazingly gifted arranger, conductor, and musician, but the experience and connections he has gained through many years in the music industry enables him to create recordings of the highest caliber. It resulted in a professional album that far exceeded our expectations!"

Sam Slobodian, BIEM, Indiana

"I did look at it! (A 4-part song we transcribed from her singing it on our voicemail.) It looks great. Thanks so much!"

Amy Towle, Ohio

"Wow! Thanks for working on this so quickly. (A piano/choir number.) I played through the piano part from my phone. I like it."

Niki Lott, Christians Compositions, Pennsylvania

"Thank you for all your work and help. (The 4th CD we've produced for Mike.) It was fun to put this together with you. I am constantly getting comments on how nice it turned out. People really seem to enjoy how "mellow" it is for a trumpet recording."

Mike Shrock, Mike Shrock Ministries, South Carolina



"Listen, man, we all had a great time! (Children's recording.) Appreciate all that you and Jonathan (Shuler, our sound engineer) do to make everything run so smoothly and efficiently! Looking forward to doing more of these down the road."

Steve Eager, Actor, Pianist, Voice-over Artist, South Carolina

"Hey, Glenn, I finally got a chance to look at this. (A piano/choir number.) Great job!"

Kerry Baggett, Vocal Soloist & Songwriter, South Carolina

"Thank you for the opportunity. She (one of our child actors) really enjoyed it. It was her first voice-over work in a studio and she really liked it. We can't wait to hear the final product!"

Chad Foster, Father of Child Actor, South Carolina

"Very nice! (A new original song that we prepared for publishing.) Thanks again ever so much for your very prompt and extremely helpful work on this."

Don Orthner, Songwriter South Carolina

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