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Survey Results

Below are the results of our 2-minute, 10-question survey that we recently took.
Feel free to take the survey and we'll add your results to future reports.

You can take the survey at: 2-MINUTE SURVEY

1 - What type of free materials do you MOST want to receive from us?

     44% Music theory, writing & arranging.

     33% Music instrument instruction (piano, guitar, etc.)
     11% Equipment information
     11% General information for computer use



2 - What type of free music do you MOST want to receive from us?

     20% Piano music

     20% Vocal music

     10% Sacred (gospel) music

     10% Songbooks

     10% Choir music

     30% Other (some comments left)

3 - How often would you like to receive our newsletter?

     80% Once a week is fine

     20% Less often

4 - How do you prefer to receive your free music & other information

     40% Website link

     30% PDF download

     30% MP3 recording

5 - How is the length of our newsletter?

     100% Just right



6 - How would you rate the links in our newsletter?

     100% Always work


7 - How would you rate our FREE STUFF! website?

    100% Easy to use


8 - Would you like us to include more information about our music services?

     70% Yes

     30% No

9 - Would you like to receive information about items you can purchase?

     80% Yes

     20% No

10 - Will you invite your friends to join our email club?

     100% Yes



In addition to the above results, we received some good suggestions about future music and information that we can provide. Thanks so much for your participation.

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